6 Easy Meals

Oatmeal Breakfast


One of the easiest meals you can begin with every morning is oatmeal. Top with sliced bananas, berries or nuts. 

Buddha Bowls


Buddha bowls can be made with a mix of grains, legumes, and raw veggies. You can have brown rice or quinoa mixed in with lentils or beans, topped with spiralized zucchini or carrots. 

Ultimate Sweet Potato


You can now find individually wrapped sweet potatoes that only require 5 minutes in the microwave. Slice the sweet potato open and stuff with various toppings such as: black beans, lentils, roasted chickpeas, avocado, salsa. 

Mexican Burrito


Once again, there are variety of delicious ingredients that can be added to a burrito such as: brown rice, black beans, lentils, cilantro, tomatoes, corn, bell pepper, tofu, salsa. Make sure your use a whole wheat tortilla. 

Quick Pasta


Keep a low sodium jar of marinara sauce and whole grain pasta for a quick meal. You can always top with steamed broccoli or add mushrooms to your sauce. 

Mexican Fiesta Salad


Canned black beans, canned organic sweet corn (rinsed), tossed in a bowl. Add chopped cilantro, onion/chives, chopped tomatoes, chopped avocado, squeeze in some lime, black pepper, cumin, sea salt. 

Lentils in Instant Pot

In this video, you will see Maya prepare her lentils in the mini InstantPot. 

Recipe: *2 cups rinsed lentils- use instant pot measuring cup * 2 cups low sodium veggie broth *2 1/2 cups water *1/2 diced read onion *2 TBSP minced garlic or to taste *hing (only adding to reduce gas effects) *1 tsp garam masala  *1/2 tsp cayenne *1 tsp cumin *1 inch grated turmeric   -Close lid. -Set to Beans, medium pressure, 14 minutes -manually release pressure -enjoy