Plant-Based Meals To-Go, Ep. 7

Annette Baker and Marianne Lacko of Nature’s Plate provide healthy plant-based meals to hundreds of Dallas customers on a weekly basis. They offer convenient and delicious meals for anyone who wants to make healthier food choices.  Visit their website to learn more about their meal plans and locations:  @naturesplate 

Veganism In Mexico, Ep. 6

Carmen Fernandez is an animal rights activist who also has a passion for plant-based nutrition. She is part of Respeto Libertad Animal, an animal rights group that teaches the public about animal agriculture and how the animals suffer. They promote justice, liberty and respect for ALL animals. 

Learn about Carmen's eco-friendly business: @carmenfdz

The Plant-Based Chiropractor, Episode #5

Dr. Chris McLaine is a plant-based chiropractor located in San Diego, California. He is the founder of Your Optimal Health Chiropractor. 

He began his plant-based journey in 1987 by first becoming vegetarian. As a TBI survivor, Dr. McLaine found a passion for helping others and spent five years training as a Holistic Health Coach, Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Neurology post-graduate student, Functional Health specialist, and a functional bio-mechanics specialist.


Best Juice Shop in Annapolis, Episode #4

Lisa Consiglio Ryan is the author of "Go Glean, Sexy You", founder of Whole Health Designs and owner of Rasa Juice Shop. 


Lisa's Rasa Juice Shop provides healthy juices and meal plans to community members, legislatures, the Naval Academy, and St. John's College.

RV'rs Gone Plant-Based! Episode #3

Clyde and Kay Miller also known as "Trekking With Clay" are a  couple who find purpose in volunteering for various organizations. 

You will hear their story of how "divine intervention" steered them towards plant-based nutrition. Kay makes delicious and healthy meals right from the galley of their motorhome named Aruba! You can follow them on Instagram.

Bobby Suffers A Heart Attack, Episode #2

Bobby Plunkett​ an amazing individual who changed his life around after suffering a heart attack. Hear his story and what he did to take control of his life. Today Bobby inspires others by sharing delicious plant-based recipes on both his Facebook page and on his Instagram account. Bobby shares his story locally at plant-based nutrition talks. He also has his own podcast show titled "Mr B Healthy Life". Make sure to follow and like his content as he is helping to change the world!

Plant-Based DFW Podcast, Episode #1

Welcome to Plant-Based DFW, a podcast about all things "plant-based". So we will introduce people from Dallas but also people who we meet along the way. You will hear from physicians, nutritionists, farmers, animal sanctuaries, activists and everyday people who are plant-based. Some people made the change to improve their health, some out of compassion for the animals and some for the environment. Stay tuned!