Adopting A Plant-Based Diet


What is Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition?

Whole plant-based foods include: whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. 

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Build Your Pantry

You will need to add a few items to your pantry to ensure that you have the right foods. 

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Easy Meals

Here are 6 easy meals for you to try out. We find that if the meal is easy, you will prepare it!

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Meal Planning

The key to success is to always plan your meals ahead of time. This will ensure that you always have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook your meals in large batches and then freeze or refrigerate for the week. 

Eating With Family/Friends

You can still dine with your loved ones. Just specify that your veggies need to be steamed and prepared without oil. Remember that you can always bring a long a few dishes for everyone else to try. 

Eating Out/Traveling

Traveling will require a bit of planning. Did you know that if you travel by plane you can actually travel with your own food? Yes you can!! You can make your sandwiches, burritos, potatoes or pasta ahead of time. You can also carry fruit as long as you are not traveling internationally. A few exceptions that airlines will not allow: pudding, yogurts and of course liquids. 

When traveling, use the Happy Cow app to find restaurants that offer vegan options.