Rizwan H. Bukhari, M.D.

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Current keynotes include:

  • Nutrition & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Preventing Heart Disease
  • Secrets To Living Longer

All content for Dr. Bukhari’s keynotes are evidence-based and supported by research. Perfect for health and wellness audiences, Dr. Bukhari touches on:

  • The methods and importance of imaging as it relates to diagnosis, prediction and progression tracking as well as assessing treatment response.
  • Defining atherosclerosis and how it develops within the arteries. 
  • Cardiovascular disease, and its risk factors, both preventable (lifestyle: obesity, tobacco use, hypertension, and diabetes) and non-preventable (genetic).
  • Current treatments of severe advanced atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease including: Non-invasive procedures & Limb salvage. 
  • The best ways to reduce cardiovascular risk through changes in preventable risk factors through diet, exercise, social interaction, healthy sleep patterns, etc and the current scientific findings.

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