Rizwan H. Bukhari, M.D.

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Current keynotes include:

  • Nutrition & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Preventing Heart Disease
  • Secrets To Living Longer

All content for Dr. Bukhari’s keynotes are evidence-based and supported by research. Perfect for health and wellness audiences, Dr. Bukhari touches on:

  • The methods and importance of imaging as it relates to diagnosis, prediction and progression tracking as well as assessing treatment response.
  • Defining atherosclerosis and how it develops within the arteries. 
  • Cardiovascular disease, and its risk factors, both preventable (lifestyle: obesity, tobacco use, hypertension, and diabetes) and non-preventable (genetic).
  • Current treatments of severe advanced atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease including: Non-invasive procedures & Limb salvage. 
  • The best ways to reduce cardiovascular risk through changes in preventable risk factors through diet, exercise, social interaction, healthy sleep patterns, etc and the current scientific findings.

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Preventing Heart disease

A discussion on how to prevent heart disease by understand how lifestyle choices can contribute to cardiovascular disease. 

Benefits of Walking

Walking has been known to help reduce stress, lower cholesterol,  reduce blood pressure, reduce stroke risk, and improve diabetes.

Visiting One Life Radio

Dr. Bukhari visits Bernadette of One Life Radio along with friends Annette Baker & Marianne Lacko of Nature's Plate to talk about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. 

Interview by 2 Rowdy Vegans

Great conversation with 2 Rowdy Vegans about how Dr. Bukhari went plant-based. 

Eat Your Greens!

Eat green leafy vegetables to protect your arteries. They are the healthiest foods on the planet, rich in antioxidants, fiber & the nitrates needed by the arteries for nitric oxide.

Dr, Riz Goes Plant-Based

Bobby sits down with Dr. Bukhari to talk about the changes they both made when they went plant-based!

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