Dr. Riz Visits "Plugged In To DFW"

As the Texas Veggie Fair approaches, Dr. Riz speaks about the health benefits of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. 

Eat Your Greens!

In this video, Dr. Riz explains cardiovascular disease and the foods that contribute to atherosclerosis. He also recommends various ways to incorporate green leafy vegetables into your daily meals. 

Plant-Based Nutrition Conference

At this conference, Dr. Riz and Maya attend the pre-conference workshops, attend all the lectures, meet some of the key names in the plant-based world and connect with other like-minded people in healthcare.

Dr. Riz Chats With Jacque

Fabulous Jacque from the PlantChics interviews Dr. Riz about his own personal transition, prescribing WFPBN to his patients and the results he has seen. 

Dr. Riz On Going Plant-Based

Dr. Riz sits down with Bobby of Mr. B's Healthy Life to talk about his own transition from the standard American diet to eating whole food plant-based nutrition.