Lifestyle Medicine Wellness Retreat

About The Retreat


We bring you a retreat rich with the components of lifestyle medicine. Vascular Surgeon Dr. Rizwan Bukhari, Licensed & Registered Dietitian Marla Ablon, and Program Director Maya Acosta bring you a wellness retreat! Join us for an intensive 3-day weekend at Cedar Creek Lake. Our team of experts and health coaches will give you the tools to incorporate eating healthfully, using exercise as medicine, stress management, sleep hygiene and building relationships.

Navigate The Kitchen


  1. Groceries 101
  2. Stocking Your Pantry
  3. Meal Prepping
  4. Cooking demos

Yoga & Meditation


  1. Guided meditation
  2. Walking meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Exercise


Movie Screenings

Prepare yourself for powerful documentaries followed by a panel discussion and Q & A.



You will receive extensive lectures by our experts on the leading causes of death, the power of plant-based foods, how to get started, and resources.



Hear a powerful testimony by our guest speaker.